Hot and cold? What's his deal?

I've been seeing this guy since late January and we've talked everyday since. Not a crazy amount because we both aren't huge texters. We've had sex three times now and each time has been great. Last night we had sex at my work (haha don't judge me. We were both in the mood and it was around 1am. Don't judge me! ;D) After having sex I had to return to work and an hour later he texted me asking me how work was and it lead to me saying something flirty and him coming back with a flirty text which made me send some dirty text back a minute later (at this point it's 430am, again we both work nightshift). He didn't reply and I thought he had passed out. Fast forward to 4pm that day I asked him if what I said freaked him out? Which is shouldn't have because he says dirty things in sex and actually encourages me to reciprocate, which I'm down for. It's now been hours on end and he still hasn't replied. Should I be worried or am I overreacting? I haven't texted him since that text at 4pm.


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  • Well you said yourself that neither of you are huge texters so maybe he fell asleep and then went to work without realizing he did not respond or some other reason. If there is still no contact by late tomorrow then maybe start worrying?

    • He's off this weekend. Yeah I guess I'll contact him later tomorrow. But I mean would it be weird for a guy to text you to see what's going on after having sex and then two text in he just stops and doesn't say anything the rest of the night?

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    • He finally texted me and we talked for hours. I think I'm just overthinking a lot of this right now because it's so new and I've never been this into a guy I've ever gone out with. Not even my serious relationship of 4 years.

    • Well I am glad he texted you and yes it is bound to happen! When you get super worked up just try to remember to take a breath, breathe, and relax a little. He is clearly into you and probably as much as he is into you

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  • I'd be worried that he is not serious about you and he only wants to have sex with you.


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