Winter dates and make out sessions are hard to do! Any advice?

Okay so it's way too cold to do out door dates with me and my boyfriend. Not just that, it's nearly impossible to be able to have a good make out session without things getting awkward. Our relationship is something that both our parent's are fine with, it's just that it's a bit weird to sit there making out in front of them- let alone cuddling or anything! We are having quite a hard time figuring out where we can do these things without worry about that. Any ideas of where we could get away from our families, manage a good make out, and stay warm all at once?


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  • find a cheap movie theater that has movies you've seen before like dollar theaters and cuddle there just be quiet. mainly why this is a good idea is because nor much people go to those movies so the possibility of someone seeing much less confronting you about it is slim to none.

    try and cuddle later in the day when your parents want to sleep like 12am.

    I make my parents or my girlfriends parents uncomfortable by kissing her and cuddling in from of them they usually leave.

    I just take her places like make out point in Utah. it's cold out side but your car keeps you worm. we just cuddle or kiss in the car. nothing else. last time we got a blanket and cuddled on top my car to see the stars. a truck would be better but I don't have one.

    • Thanks for the advice! The movies are a good idea but we neither of us have a car or a drivers licence since we both come from pretty poor families. We really only see each other at school during the winter months because it's too cold to walk.. We both live a good 2 miles apart so it's a long walk.

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  • Haha I get what you mean! Try going to the library (you'd be surprised how many have done this), and in school when you can.


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