Is there any women who would date me even though I wear diapers?

Ok. I have been wearing diapers lately and it's not because they turn me on, but it's because when I am out in public I am always having to pay for coffee so I can use the bathroom or I end up in some kind of bathroom that is really dirty or out with no bathroom at all. I also like the feeling of it. It contributes to the feeling that there is nothing to worry about. I have been taking a lot of measures to keep it from being obvious. I still feel like myself when I wear them as well. For me, the goal is focusing and loving the woman I am with, and when I wear them I still feel confident in myself, but I also don't want to be focusing on myself constantly either and the point is that I don't feel like wearing them turns me inward. I think it's nice. I just would like to have some feedback about women's perspectives on this. Would a woman date me even though I wear these diapers?


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  • Women love taking care of things. Women like babies. So I think every woman would like you. You're like a baby that's legal to fuck. That's hard to come by. It saves me from having to worry about going to prison for screwing my best friends baby again. Just something about poop being all smushed on a grown ass mans butt reallllllyyyy makes me wetttttt.


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  • Diaper fetish guy has finally been unveiled!


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  • Hahahahaha.


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  • Sorry the question title will put people off straight away