Was he genuine?

Hey all.

Again, I am hurt by ways of men. When will I ever learn?

So I met this guy off a Christian dating website and we got on like a house on fire. We had a few dates and on Friday, we had our first kiss. Just a kiss. No tongue. Then he sent me this message.

Was he genuine?I tried to message him after asking how he was (only once). No reply. Then I sent a pic of me skydiving. No answer.
Why do guys say stuff like this and not mean it? Is there another reason?

  • No, he just wanted ass
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  • I think he's playing games with many chicks from that site. I don't know if he wanted tail or not probably bug best to move on.


Most Helpful Girl

  • He's still on Cloud 9 after the date and wanted a memento of it, NOT just you dong something else!
    You missed the boat, didn't do your homework, now he's distracted by something else & maybe even ashamed about sharing such feelings that weren't immediately reciprocated in like kind.
    What you did was OK but pedestrian, even lazy if judged by a Type A
    but thinking this guy needed same sport of response and THE photo requested in order to crawl further out from his shell.
    Before another hour passes
    send him THE photo
    with comments that you feel EXACTLY same as he does
    if you want to catch this wiley fish

    • But i reciprocated it and I gave him the photo. I am sorry I didn't write that.

    • now for the sentiments ASAP

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  • He has not actually banged you, but I don't know maybe he's a kissboy.

  • That is surprising text


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