Why does dating have to be so discouraging?

I am recently divorced after being married 12 years with a 3 year separation in there. So I am new to the dating world. I have not had much luck with dating. The first guy I was with for 6 months. Turned out he was a player, and just treated me terrible and he finally disappeared and never contacted me again. The second guy I dated for a couple months then he says he got too busy so he cold things down for a couple months and now is starting to want to come back around. I just met another very nice, down to earth, romantic guy who we went on a 6 hour date. We had so much fun. Not sure if he will ask for another date. This week is out of the question as he has play rehearsal and then the play this weekend. SO don't really know what will happen here.

But the first two guys make me so discouraged with dating. Perhaps it is something I am doing wrong. Why does dating have to be so discouraging? I am almost ready to give up for awhile as I don't believe that there is truelove out there for me.


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  • Don't give up but just take your time. I'm currently dating again after coming out a 5year relationship where I was also engaged but the guy although a good guy wasn't right for me. I've prayed many nights that he would be because being single again is awful! It has it good and bad moments, but at the end of the day we have to keep faith and love ourselves more than we love any man. Don't let any guy treat you less than what you are worth. When you begin to love yourself that will show and it will capture the right man. Good luck hun.

  • I am only 23 and trust me the dating world is not fun. I go through these type of situations all of the time. Some of my girlfriends and I were having this conversation the other day about how dreadful the dating scene is because of how rude the people can be. I can't speak for the girls, but guys are such inconsiderate jerks. Many of them have no manners and will drop you like a hot tamali if they suddenly aren't interested. Actually a lot of times you think things are going well than out of the blue they disappear. I noticed a big thing recentley is that they are all caught up on ex girlfriends. They will date you but in reality its either to move on from an ex or try to move on. I'm still young but after all the dates I've gone on I'm convinced single is the way to be. I did try one of the dating sites for awhile big mistake don't even waste your time, that in itself was an experience. After being married for so long I am sure it must be hard for you especially since you haven't dated in awhile. But if you are two steps ahead of these men you won't get hurt. Trust non of them and keep your guard up. That's pretty much what I have learned. Sad but true! Hopefully one day we will find the type of MAN to prove them all wrong.