He cáncel our 1st date... hungover?

I have been talking to this guy for a min and we were finally going on a lunch date today. I got off work this morning after my 12 hr shift and I have not slept because I have been getting ready. We agreed to meet up at 11. Well he went out last night with a "friend" for drinks and now he said he has a hungover. I'm a bit dissapointed because well... I was investing my time on him and looking forward to us but seems like I only had high expectations again. Should I just let this go or move on... I really think his friend was really a date.


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  • That's unacceptable he shouldn't have been out drinking knowing he has a first time date with you in the morning

    • We aren't official so it's cool to go out but like you said he knew we had plans he should have thought it through

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    • Thank you. You are right. I'm moving on... maybe big single for 2 years isn't enough time. I think I'm just going to step back and focus on me instead.

    • Good idea as for me I don't take things seriously anymore because I've had a long relationship and I'm a single man myself

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  • I'd move on, it shows a lot about his character that he wouldn't prioritise your meeting over getting sloshed. Even if it was just a friend he could have held back on the amount so he'd be ok for today but chose not to

    • Thank you. Yeah I think that, that was my red flag and I promised I wasn't going to turn my cheek anymore.
      Dating sucks! Oh well... thank you all

    • I agree with this statement

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  • Done you get dressed up all sexy for him

    • I did... and I have very long hair to my waist and takes me a long time to style it... I know this is irrelevant but I feel very bummed out... all made up and no where to go.

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    • What I have learned is that "age doesn't guarantee maturity" :/

    • No seems that way. May be a younger guy might respect you more

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  • I would be disappointed too and honestly its normal but it just shows he isn't willing to put the effort in already.

    • I'm glad you said it is normal I was thinking I was tripping but I'm not. I haven't slept since I got off work this morning he should have been more considerate.