This is a good thing right?

I started seeing a guy I knew 10 years ago. We've been hanging out for a couple weeks but I have a few concerns.
1 he just stares at me and smiles. This is a good thing right?
2 he won't stay over nor has he asked me to... is it just to soon?


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  • Are you seriously unable to read what's going on with someone you're face to face with?

    If you want sex with him you need to be clear about that. A lot of guys these days don't want to be too pushy, they want to give the girl time to develop a relationship - if they need it.

    Remember, girls communicate covertly, guys communicate overtly. There is no hidden meaning in what he says, so don't try to read a lot into it. You have to be clear if you want him to understand you.

    • No we have sexy! But we always leave each others house afterwards. Is it fair to bring up spending the night at each others place after a month

    • Fair? Or reasonable?
      Sure, why not? From your question it didn't appear you had been intimate yet. [shrug]

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  • Yes, that is a positive thing.
    He hasn't asked you to stay over because he is trying to be a gentleman about it.


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  • Yes those are great signs
    1 that is caused soul gazing he is just annamored by your beauty inside and out.
    2 he might not be sexually active or he might just be waiting till marriage. A few guys still do that.

  • He probably wants to take things slow and not rush into having sex with you, preferring to wait and build up suspense.


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