If a guy says he's only "talking to me", should I believe him?


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  • Can you give us some more information please? For me I need to know a girl a bit before I start to like her. Often if I want to be friends with a girl I will just talk with her. It really depends on the guy and how he feels about you. Thought it sounds like he is not interested.

    • So basically, this guy and I've been talking since November. He's 24, and I'm 18. We've been talking almost everyday. And he's been wanting to be in a relationship, but I've told him I'm not ready due to lack of experience and I want to focus in school (in college). Anyways, he said that he would wait until I'm ready, that he isn't talking to anyone else. The thing is, I really don't understand what are we. He's been playing games like not texting me for a week, and we talked about it the other day. He was saying how I made him feel unwanted and how I never check up on him. That's why I was thinking, don't you have other girls you're talking to? Man, I don't know.

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    • It's okay. But I just don't know how to tell him. You think I just ignore? Or?

    • Well you can just say that your not ready and that you need to focus on your studies. Just don't tell him that you think he is only into you for sex.

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