He stood me up twice... am I too nice?

FIRS time he stood me up and asked to meet me today in the morning.

I said sure and that I will text him on that day before I leave. So I head out and I text him. No reply.. it's getting close to the meeting time. I asked if he was flaking.. he said no he's going he had to do something. 30 minutes pass and I asked him to call me. No call. I call him. I told him this was not cool and I'm heading home. While I wait for my ride he calls. I couldn't hear him though... called him back nothing. He texts me that he has bad signal and he's truly sorry and he's almost there. I told him I'm already on my way home and he offers to pick me up. I declined. He says he feels so bad and he's so sorry. I don't believe it though. I felt humiliated sitting in the dining place alone and continuously calling him to get in contact. I cried in my uber car and I felt horrible. Has anyone ever been stood up before?
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  • sounds like he had something really going on. esp if he was trying to make up by picking you up and everything. don't take it as though he was rejecting you, it doesn't seem like that's what happened... life happened. we've all experienced unexpected circumstances that kept us from things we wanted to do.
    honestly if you had let him pick you up, you would have known definitely from the date what he feels.

    you have to make a decision if you want to give him another chance. but regardless of what you decide, realize that he was not rejecting you. worst case, he's bad at scheduling. best and most likely is something unexpected came up.
    you seem like a passionate woman though. that's good, but be careful with letting things get to you. sometimes we imagine things are worse than they are. :)

    • But we already established a time. It was past that time. I waited an hour and a half while he just went around the bush. I forgive easily but I'm too nice and that's why I get played over by guys a lot.

    • just remember, being mean is not what gets you respect. I've seen very nice women who are powerful and demand respect. being nice doesn't equate to being a doormat to be walked on.
      being nice simply means treating others how you want to be treated (which is a good thing). but don't ever get that confused with trusting people who haven't earned it. I can be nice to someone while knowing I could NEVER turn my back to that person. being nice doesn't mean you blindly trust people.
      so these guys, are they usually ditching dates and leading you on or are they playing you over only after sex?

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  • That would have pissed me off.


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  • Sorry that happened to you. Not all guys are like this. I hope you have better luck with the next one!

  • a guy should keep his word to a woman if he's a real man. sounds like youve been talking to a boy...

  • probably just nervous


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