Should I do this with him?

there's this app called "whisper" and I put out a message on there something about doing classes and this guy responsed back asking me to go with him, telling me how much it costs and he can pick me up. I told him that I dont know him and he gave me his name and told me to message him on facebook. Turns out I know him but just acquaintenances, we went to the same high school

I dont know if I should do these classes with him? I feel scared to go cause Ill be the only girl and I did try talking to him after that but his on and off. Not online a lot but I don't know what I should do because I was going to do it by myself?


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  • Honestly its up to you, But if you're not comfortable with it, i think you already answered your question.

    • I am comfortable going with him cause I know him but Im not comfortable about the idea of being the only girl there (its a fitness class)

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    • Everyone would probably think its strange to see a girl do a fitness class, plus all the starring. I do weights at the gym and thats enough attention for one day lol

      Anyway going to ring around and see whats available. If not will take up his offer..

    • That is probably a good choice.

What Girls Said 2

  • I wouldn't. You don't know him well.

  • Bring a razor blade along.


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