Guy I'm dating on vacation-very limited communication?

So a guy I've been talking to for a few weeks now told me he was going on vacation for a week with his family. We went on our first date since he wanted to see me before he left. It went really well and we kissed and everything and he's been talking to me ever since. However yesterday he texted me a little bit but when he left to drive up with his family he stopped texting me. I haven't heard from him since then. It's his first day on vacAtion and I saw snapchats on his story, and it looks like he's having fun and really busy skateboarding and everything. Is it normal to not hear from a new guy you're dating while he's on vacation? Should I just leave him alone until he texts me?


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  • jus keep patience n have faith for a while. jus let him be with his family. family alwz comes first if someone has one...


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