Guys, Accidental I Love You?

So I've been seeing this guy for about 8 months. We've gotten quite close, see each other very regularly, met the friends and family, basically the whole deal. We've lightly touched base about becoming official, but haven't had the official talk yet - although he has mentioned multiple times that he sees this going far and something is definitely coming from what we've got going on.

So, today he came to visit. When it was time to go, he gave me the usual hug and kiss and just before turning around and walking to his car, he said the usual 'have a good day, I'll miss you', followed by I love you.

I sent a message asking if he realizes what he just said, to which he responded yes, it slipped out, sorry if it bothers me. I asked him if he meant it, to which he said yes, he wouldn't say anything he doesn't mean. I then asked if this means that that is how he feels about me, to which he answered yes, he really does think so.

SO... Does ILY slipping out mean that he really does feel that way, or just that it did simply slip out?
I know some guys that have had the slip happen to that hem and did not in reality mean it at the time...

Any input would be appreciated! :)


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  • it was on his mind when he was leaving you so to me, it sound like he does love you.


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