Why am I freaking out about dating the girl I like?

Does this happen to everyone?
Seriously, anytime I make a plan, "what if she doesn't like this restaurant?" "What if she finds this movie boring?" "What if she thinks I don't look good in this shirt?" "Are this pants too tight?""
I'm loosing it

i have liked this girl for years, and we finally are going on dates


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  • it's fine to be nervous about the first date ☺ but don't worry! you'll be completely fine.

    • Thanks!! I've been on a lot of dates, and this is the first time I'm so nervous

    • that probably means that you really like her, and that's wonderful 💖 don't fret too much; just be yourself and HAVE FUN. good luck on your date!

    • Thank you!!

Most Helpful Guy

  • What you need to be thinking about is "Why is she coming along with me?". The answer would be because she likes you, or she's interested enough to tag along (even if it's to drain you of your money). Think more about the positive sides instead of being so paranoid.


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