Would you date?

Be completely honest. I want to know what sort of things are a deal breaker for you.

Would you date or marry (or continuing your relationship with)

Someone who is paralyzed (at least half their body)
Someone deaf or blind
A mute
An amputee
A midget (less than 4ft)
A giant ( 7+ ft)
Someone who is dying
Someone with a condition that prevents them from having sex
Someone who can't produce a child
Someone with autism
Someone with anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, or another mental or personality disorder

Why or why not?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Paralyzed: Yes, I could date a paralyzed person. Unable to walk isn't a deal breaker and we could still do many funny things together. But if they are paralyzed from the neck and down, it would be a lot harder and I'm not so sure about that.
    Deaf: I could give the deaf person a try to find out if the dating/relationship is working. It's different levels of deafness. Even though hearing aids are far from perfect, they works well enough for a conversation.
    Blind: I wouldn't date a blind person, because I'm a visual person and I don't know how to explain my interests and ambitions without the person seeing. I thinks enjoying thing together would also be too difficult, but I may be wrong. I like to show people visual things.
    Mute: Probably not. I loves conversations and often the long one.
    Amputee: Lack of a arm or a leg isn't a deal breaker.
    Midget: Probably not. I finds taller people more attractive. I wants my partner to be between 170 - 180 cm.
    A giant: It wouldn't be my first choose. But I would maybe give that a try.
    Dying: If they are dying first time I meets them, I would probably not date them. If we knew each other for a long time, maybe.

    Sexless: Sex isn't the most important thing in a relationship. Love and spending time together is far more important. If we could enjoy a meal together, they can enjoy a massage and we can watch a movie, I don't complain.
    Can't produce: If the person can't get biological children, I see it as a big advantage. I don't want children and if I ever changes my mind, we can maybe adopt.

    Autism: It really depends how the person is and how much the autism affect the person. But if they have the stereotypical one, I would probably not date them.
    Mental stuffs: I don't think so, because that would be too much for me to handle. I've met depressive people and some with other struggles. That's very hard to cope with even though you just spend a few hours with them from my experiences. (I've been in classes with some.)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Paralyzed: leaning towards no, but if they were someone I'd get along with so well to be totally in love, then maybe.

    Deaf or blind: probably, if the chemistry was there, but I feel I'd be more willing to date someone deaf rather than blind. I'd feel safer knowing they can see things.

    Mute: I don't know sign language, so I wouldn't know how to communicate with them, but if we had a connection I'd be willing to learn, probably.

    Amputee: Probably. Arms or above the waist, there's a high chance because I like to be active and a missing leg could be problematic if we wanted to work out together or hike or something.

    Midget/Giant: if they were super cool, sure. It'd feel weird it I'm sure I'd get used to it.

    Someone Dying: Maybe, like in that movie Me Before You. Again, it all depends on who they are and the situation. I don't really think you can help who you fall in love with. If they are someone you enjoy being around it wouldn't be a waste of time.

    • Sex-Preventing Condition/No Children: Yeah, probably. There's always masturbating 😂 and the non-penetration stuff. Plus, I don't know if I want kids yet, and there's always adoption.

      Autism: Maybe, depends on how bad it is, I think.

      Anxiety/Depression: Sure, it'd be like dating myself hah.

      Other Disorders: Depends on what it is and how bad it is.. leaning towards no.. my uncle has schizophrenia and my mom has bpd and both aren't easy to work with.

    • Me before you is where i got the inspiration for this question 😂

      Thanks for the comment. You're so open minded

    • Yeah, totally! I don't think naturally I'm drawn to people with much of those conditions/disabilities/or in those situations, but if I was somehow involved I'd try to make most of them work.

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What Guys Said 23

  • Paralysed: Yes I would date since it doesn't stop me from liking them as a person
    Deaf/blind: Only if I could still communicate with them in a way that clearly expresses how I feel
    Mute: Same answer as last one
    Amputee: Already did that, wouldn't mind doing it again
    Midget: Eh, I don't think so.
    Giant: Yes
    Dying: I would continue if I had been dating them for a long time before, if it's a new relationship then the best I can do is be a comforting friend to her
    Can't produce child: Definitely yes
    Prevents sex: No
    Autism: Already did that but depends on how much it affects them, if it's mild or something then yes, if it's being a daily deterrence to their lives and to the people around them then no
    Mental/personality disorder: Already did that, would date as long as they aren't a danger to me, but I would try and make thing work like I have before

    Then again, this really isn't strict. I might like a midget one day and be romantically attracted to them, maybe I wouldn't have the heart to date someone paralysed because I just couldn't do it. What I'm saying is that these conditions don't really matter to a point, certain people are there for certain people and I believe despite their differences, things could still work out

  • No
    NO chance
    NO chance again

    Most of them are deal breakers except the amputee as long as it's only one arm or a leg and she is otherwise attractive and healthy. The mental disorders for the last two are immediate rejections... like, make polite excuses and stop talking to them asap.

  • Paralyzed: If I knew them before and got accomplished great feats with them, sure. If just upon meeting them, a very slight maybe, as I'd rather have an active partner.
    Deaf or blind: Same as above, but higher chance. I would choose blind over deaf. Communication would be too hard for deaf, and I'd just feel bad for the blind person.
    Mute: Totally. This doesn't put even half the damper on communication as deaf/blind, as I can still verbally and visually communicate with a mute person, and I can interpret them better.
    Amputee: Depends on how bad the case is. If it's something like half of their body, no. If it's just an arm or leg, I could still treat them normally.
    Giant: Hell yeah! I just like the idea of having a taller partner, perhaps because it can indicate toughness and strength.
    Dying: Depends.
    Condition that prevents them from having sex: I don't desire sex at all, so sure.
    Can't produce a child: Same as above.
    Autism: No. I have a couple autistic friends who I love very much, but a romantic partner with autism would probably be disastrous.
    Anxiety, depression, etc.: Almost completely inclined to say no, but there are exceptions in things like these. I feel my smug, unfeeling ways wouldn't clash too well with a bipolar person.

    • Forgot midget, how fitting, bahahaha.
      Midget: It very much depends, but I feel like I'd accidentally hurt them too easily (trample or kick when I can't see them, etc.), so most likely not.

  • I can't go anon on this, so I'll just say that if the personality was a match, yes, I'd date any of them.

    • Thanks for commenting (:

    • Thank you. My girlfriend has some issues, which I won't go into here for her sake; but I understand. I've got my own issues. We meet in the middle. It's not always easy. But it works.

  • Someone who is paralyzed (at least half their body): No
    Someone deaf or blind: No
    A mute: No
    An amputee: Maybe
    A midget (less than 4ft): No
    A giant ( 7+ ft): No
    Someone who is dying: Probably not
    Someone with a condition that prevents them from having sex: No
    Someone who can't produce a child: No
    Someone with autism: Hmm depends.
    Someone with anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, or another mental or personality disorder: No

  • I do not think I could sustain a romantic relationship with any of those, but friendships I would of course.

  • Long as a woman's loyal, pleasant, not fat and doesn't come with another man's kid/s, she could hit multiple points on the list in the OP and still come out head and shoulders about 90+% of women in the American sexual marketplace.

  • I'm not sure about a paralyzed person I could probably do it

    I'm fine with a deaf blind or mute but
    not at the same time

    I if fine with an amputee

    I don't really like people that are way shorter or taller than me

    I would just be depressed if I was with a dying person

    I've dated a person who's asexual that didn't want a child and I found out later that she had autism, anxiety and depression.

  • Mostly, no. But who knows? Hearts change. One you like today may not, tomorrow. One deal breaker today may be a deal maker tomorrow.

    • By the way, it's not that I'm just idealistic. It's because I don't really much care. So once a person caught my eye, I get to know them. Despite of their unusualities. Weird thing that I find interest in what most people think uninteresting. And yeah... They are "sometimes", lovable. (If you get to know them).

  • 1. No
    2. Probably not, I don't know for sure
    3. If she were pretty, yeah
    4. No
    5. No
    6. No
    7. Probably not
    8. If she's hot
    9. To what degree?
    10. Probably not

  • most likely, if it ever came to it, yes to everything but the giant and midgets. nothing against them, but I think it'd hinder our attraction. everything else is doable

  • Someone who is paralyzed (at least half their body) - no

    Someone deaf or blind - deaf = only if she can read lips and speak/blind = no

    A mute - no

    An amputee - yes

    A midget (less than 4ft) - no

    A giant ( 7+ ft) - no

    Someone who is dying - no

    Someone with a condition that prevents them from having sex - no

    Someone who can't produce a child - yes, in fact I'd consider that a blessing

    Someone with autism - depends on severity

    Someone with anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, or another mental or personality disorder - anxiety and depression = yes/schizophrenia or personality disorder = no

  • I wouldn't date any of them because I'm asexual and aromantic.

  • No to the entire list, with the exception of depression.


  • Someone who is paralyzed (at least half their body)-as long as they can still have sex and feeling down there i'm cool with it
    Someone deaf or blind-ya either would be fine
    A mute-yes, it would be a nice break from a girlfriend that talks way to much lol!
    An amputee-yep
    A midget (less than 4ft)-no its creepy, and i really think i would hurt them
    A giant ( 7+ ft)-no thats weird
    Someone who is dying-if my girlfriend got sick and started dying i'd stay with her but not start a relationship with a dying girl
    Someone with a condition that prevents them from having sex-no thats not fair to me
    Someone who can't produce a child- i dont want kids so that would actually be perfect for me lol
    Someone with autism
    Someone with anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, or another mental or personality disorder-every man goes out with a girls thats crazy we can handle a lot lol

  • I would date who can't produce a child, autism, anxiety, depression

  • Out of these I would date an amputee or someone with anxiety. That's it

  • Paralayzed is a no for sure i dont think i could live with seeing such person in a state.
    Deaf or blind will be near impossible.
    Mute is a no.
    Amputee didn't even know what that was until i googled it.
    A midget, sure we can make it work.
    A gaint. Nope.
    The persons going to die anyway so i could possibly care for them until they die.
    I wouldn't really care if she can't produce a child as i dont have any intentions of children either.
    Condition without having sex is a no no.
    Also if she has anxiety or depression i still wouldn't care if i loved her, i would make it work.

  • someone with a condition that prevents them from having sex or can't produce a child!!!

  • I would date someone who can't produce a child

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What Girls Said 9

  • To be honest, probably not someone who taller than 7 ft because I I'm really short and I'd probably have to shout to talk to them lol, but the other things, sure. No one's perfect, and if I really loved them or cared about them it wouldn't matter.

  • 1. Yes
    2. I have a blind sister and I know how hard it is so probably not
    3. Depends on what other ways we could communicate
    4. Yes
    5. No
    6. No
    7. Yes, dying unloved has always been a big fear of mine and I can imagine other feeling the same way
    8. Probably not, only If they let me occasionally use someone else to satisfy me
    9. Yes; there's always adoption
    10. No
    11. Yes because I have a few minor personality disorders

  • 1. that's a hard one. i think i could do it.
    2. yes, there are other ways to communicate
    3. yes, other ways
    4. yes, i dont care if they dont have a limb
    5. no offense to them , they are perfectly fine people, but no. I don't know it would just kinda be weird for me
    6. yeah tall people are fine idc
    7. yes as sad as that is i'd want to spend as much time with them as i could
    8. yes, i dont need sex really
    9. yes, i dont need kids either
    10. depends on like what type it was, probably (again no offense).
    11. Yes, depression, anxiety, i have plenty of friends with those type of issues and they are great people.

  • If my boyfriend became paralysed I'd still date him, if he became deaf or blind I would, if he became mute it would depend why, if he became an amputee I would continue dating him, probably wouldn't have dated him if he was a midget or a giant, if he was dying I would still be with him, if he had that condition I would still be with him, if I knew he couldn't produce a child from the beginning I wouldn't date him, but now that it's been 4 years I would as long as he was okay with sperm donation, if he had autism that would be fine, and as long as he was actively treating his mental disability that would be fine.

  • These are questions where your sense of humanity is shattered.. I think I would truly know what I would do when and if I'm in that situation.

  • I have few mental disorders myself so yes,
    An amputee yes
    Someone who can't produce a child, yes
    A deaf or mute yes

    But the rest... I'm sorry but no

  • Someone who is paralyzed (at least half their body) - Probably not
    Someone deaf or blind - Maybe, not sure
    A mute - No
    An amputee -Yes
    A midget (less than 4ft) - No
    A giant ( 7+ ft) - No
    Someone who is dying - No
    Someone with a condition that prevents them from having sex - Not unless it's temporary
    Someone who can't produce a child - Yes, if they're open to adoption
    Someone with autism - Depends on how they behave, I'm mentally ill and won't be able to put up with someone who's hyper and active and energetic and won't sit down, it'd make my anxiety a lot worse
    Someone with anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, or another mental or personality disorder - Depends on their symptoms and how they're coping. As I said, I have my own illness to deal with, if they make it worse then I wouldn' be with them for my own health.

  • Someone who is paralyzed (at least half their body) - maybe
    Someone deaf or blind - maybe
    A mute - no, I need someone who's a bit talkative because I'm not
    An amputee - maybe
    A midget (less than 4ft) - no
    A giant ( 7+ ft) - maybe
    Someone who is dying - no. That said, locally there's a guy with ALS who just got married so I'm sure some people don't mind.
    Someone with a condition that prevents them from having sex - friends
    Someone who can't produce a child - already did, depends on the terms and conditions
    Someone with autism - depends on how bad it is
    Someone with anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, or another mental or personality disorder - maybe if controlled well.

  • Oh goodness all depends on the situation I guess


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