Should I tell my friends with benefits that I'm dating?

I started an friends with benefits relationship about three weeks ago. When we were just talking one time, he asked when was the last time I had dated someone. I told him that I had a few days ago. He started asking what we did and how far we went and who he was. I'm not dating that guy anymore, but I want to date other guys as I'm obviously not getting my emotional needs met by my friends with benefits. Should I tell my friends with benefits that I am? We never made any rules about exclusivity. How do I bring it up?
Anyone else want to put their two cents in?


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  • Tell him he apparently thinks you're his girlfriend, and you're not. Assert the nature of your relationship with him.

  • Why did you get in a fwb's in the first place?

    • We started as friends. It just progressed into this weird inbetween relationship. He is not looking for anything more at this time. I'm happy to just keep it physical until I find a guy who will fulfill my emotional and physical needs.

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    • I have no clue. Your guess is as good as mine.

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