Dating someone richer?

Women, let's say you come from money and have a very good (demanding) job. You meet a guy a little older then you but young and ambitious. He makes considerably less then you.

Is this a deal breaker?
Would you rather date someone much older with money, or someone much younger who could potentially make as much as you?


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  • It is a quite personal question and it (can) depend (s) on the financial situation of the girl.. if she is independent and has (more) money of her own. Then it is not a big deal but it is less attractive. But if she is the dependent kind of type who never worked or studied hard. Then a guy with a normal to low income isn't attractive. Cause women want a guy who can take care of them (even if she can take care of herself) even though the guy makes money, we find it more attractive when a guy makes more money. Cause the guys get more manly in our eyes..

    To me it is not a deal breaker ( if the guy is intelligent). Intelligence makes a guy also more attractive to women (Im really sleepy and tired, hope it all makes a bit sense)


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  • The girl im getting married to is richer then me. Or comes from a family richer then me. But my education they say puts me at a high status for them

    • and without ur education would you be "SOL"?

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    • Im not needy lol. Im studying hard for my master degree. I can take care of myself after graduation :) Just find an intelligent or a guy to earns more than me more attractive and therefore more manly.

    • Who earns*

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