Help, So confused?

So i met this guy online almost a month ago. We have a few things in common. We ended up hanging out once, and since then we haven't. We talk but it'll be like one day we do and the next couple of days we dont and then so on. But before we met we talked almost everyday. I asked him if he even likes talking to me and he says he does. I've asked him to hang out a few times (whenever he's free) but never really comes through. Im just tired of being confused by this guy. Should i move on or just be patient? Im thinking that maybe he isn't as interested as i am or he's just keeping his options open. We're both 23. We're both in college and we both only go twice a week.


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  • Unless you ask him yourself you won't be 100% but we can speculate. Tbh if you talk every day before you met and then you met in person and now he seems distanced. He probably didn't like what he saw in you and so now he doesn't want to waste time on you. So to answer your question I think you should just move on to someone who won't play games.

    • I've asked him about the whole us not hanging out thing and he told me that he does want to again but that he's "been all over the place lately"

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    • I don't know he might be playing games too cause i haven't talked to him since Saturday. Sooo im done lol

    • yea that probably for the best.

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  • he's not interested in you anymore. Best to move on and find someone else


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