What would a boy think of a girl if he found out on his own that she has a boyfriend that she's been keeping quiet about?

So let's say these two are friendly and flirty with one another and they text eachother a lot and make plans to hang out with one another, but then he finds out she has a boyfriend that she never mentioned to him.

My Questions:
1. Will he assume that the girl was into him?

2. Will he think that she wanted to just cheat or that she legitimately liked him?

3. If she cuts off contact how will he feel, and if the guy cuts off contact how will she likely feel?



Most Helpful Guy

  • This is how I would handle this;
    1- Yes
    2 - She legitimately liked me, not all relationships that people are in are happy and solid ones. I would have assumed she was unhappy and was on the verge of breaking up anyway.
    3- Either way, I would not get involved with someone while they are in an active relationship, but would leave an open invitation for her to call me when she is single.

    • 1. How obv would the attraction be to the guy? are there any other reasons why he might think she was hiding a guy, or is attraction the only reason?
      2. So if she cut contact and he reached out, how would it look?
      3. What if contact was cut, would the guy feel bad or mad or would he view the girl to be slutty?

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    • I would not be cocky, but I can't speak for him.
      I would welcome her, but I can't speak for him.

    • Well if you had to guess how most men would react across the board?

Most Helpful Girl

  • She is dishonest already, wonder why she is misleading me. If I can't trust her now can I trust her later? or... sweet, maybe I can hit it and quit it, nothing like a one night stand, sluts rule!!!

    • Will he know that she was after him or what? And what if she cuts off contact and pulls a ghost, how will he feel if he found out she had a boyfriend the whole time?

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What Guys Said 1

  • 1. No.
    2. Irrelevant. She's untrustworthy.
    3. Relieved / I have no idea.


What Girls Said 1

  • 1. yes, 2. probably cheat, 3. miserable, don't do it.

    • 1. How obvious would it be that she was attracted to him?
      2. Would he think she thought he was hotter than her bf?
      3. How miserable would he feel, and why would he be?

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