Snapchat... How concerned should I be?

Relationship for nearly four years, for the most part other than her parents not wanting her with someone a little older who has kids things have been good. Last week I had my kids for a week due to my ex-wife going on vacation, so outside of a few meal with the four of us we didn't see each other much face to face but kept in regular/constant communication. When we did get back to normalcy she seemed a little off, lack of intimacy was the thing that stood out most. This Friday we went to dinner and I dropped her off afterward to meet her friend (a girl), she stayed out till 1 am (5 hours total was expecting maybe 3 at most). As she got into bed after a few minutes on her phone I noticed her pull the covers up to hide her phone with one eye open I saw her go to snapchat, she didn't make it too far as I pretended to wake up and she quickly closed it. The next day I played detective but her snap was logged off, so that night I read up on snapchat and saw you could tell new snaps by "score" so this morning I thought I would check it as she was in the bathroom and it was logged off again. I went to the next room as I go to work later than her and don't have to sleep with the light in my face, and notice their were 13 new snaps on her account in 30 minutes from my never used snapchat acct. I hate to come off as suspicious but I don't think mine has been logged off since AI created the account for my daughter to use the filters. Any help would be appreciated.


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  • Im trying to understand the whole 13 new snaps on her account, how did you see this? Like you saw unopened snaps? Or did you see YOUR account and saw that there was snaps? You can't see someone elses snaps unless they're directly to you or to the public, if so why didn't you just view them?

    • Her snapchat score (the number below your friends names) had gone up and in fact since I asked the first question it has gone up by 2 more for a total of 15 today. The score from what I read is you get one point for every read snap and 1 for every sent snap. It was suggested to on a site to follow this number if you are suspicious of snapchat activity, which I never was until now.

    • Ohh I see, I didn't know it worked that way. She could just be viewing a lot of snaps to be honest does it have to be personal in order to gain points? what do you think she's doing?

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