Best Friend Likes Me?

So i started dating this guy in October, and every time we hung out his best friend came over as well.
Over like the course of the relationship his best friend and i became super super close, and he's like a brother to me now. He would always tell me that he would rather die than date me and that i wasn't that pretty.
Me and the guy i was dating broke up about a month ago, but me and his best friend are still really close. Yesterday my bestfriend admitted that he liked me a lot the entire time i was dating his best friend. Its not a big deal im just confused to as why he's telling me this now.
And help?
Thanksy :) xoxo


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What Guys Said 2

  • cause you guys just broke up and you're free, thats why he's telling you this

    and at your age, and for people who don't grow up, if they say something like "I don't think you're pretty", its pretty much like opposite logic, they think you're really pretty, and he's dying to date you, all that stuff, I don't know why people use opposite logic but its a real thing.

    • This stuff is so confusing lol Thanks so much tho :)

  • He probably didn't want to cause problems in your relationship before. If he had told you while you were dating it would've made things awkward and/or hard.


What Girls Said 1

  • He probably just wanted to be a good friend to your ex. And probable liked you the whole time. He was also probably trying to convince himself that he didn't like you and failed miserably...

    And now your single so your free game in a guys world.

    Guys don't generally care if their friends date their exs however girls get furious over that lol I find it ironic.


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