Why do we text all of the time, instead of talking on the phone?

My boyfriend and I live in different states and have unlimited text and talk cell phones. In the beginning of our relationship we used to talk a lot on the phone. Now if I call him he doesn't bother to answer it. He will text me later on. If I text him, he doesn't text back unless he really wants my attention. I'm confused.


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  • should let him know , like baby why don't you call me anymore . you don't want to hear my voice or is there something wrong.

    it happen but just you want to know the truth cos if you don't it will stress and cos a lot of problem in relationship.

    good luck.

    • Ok I did text him and I'm waiting for a response. I have tried asking before he blames it on being tired from working.

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    • Hello..ok I got a better response from him this time and we talked on the phone and gave me a time to call him after work. With that improving: My next question is why would he keep the conversation going for only 30 minutes..phone call or text? We are two months into this relationship. One more question...being that he asked me out..should he come to me or should we meet each other half way? Thanks for your other responses.

    • I think you should call instead text. and see how he address the reason why he don't talk to you that much. . Have you have seen him in person b4 this happen or just internet stuff.

      have to be very careful how you meet him. internet people are strange sometime.

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  • Say that you miss his voice and ask him why he doesn't call.

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