Why did he asked for a space and at the same time he keeps contact with me?

We were dating only for a short period of time, everything was great and we both felt connection. He even told me that he wanted to approach me for a very long time, but he liked me that much that he thought that I´m out of his league (a serendepity started our conversation). However, after a while he asked for a break. He was reasoning that he is extremely busy at work (which is true, I know his co-workers and they told me that he works 14 hours each day these days) and that crazy ex (he broke up recently) is constantly texting him. He assured me that he likes me, enjoys time with me and still wants to talk to me, but he needs to be single for few weeks to resolve his problems.

I agreed and told him that I don´t want to put any pressure on him and he´s free to stay and free to leave. Even though we haven´t spent time together, he checked on me today asking me how I am. He told me he was sleeping most of the time and that he was really tired.

Yesterday I got little bit crazy, so I checked his online activity - he was 2 days offline on whatsapp (this is how he communicates most of the time) and also on facebook.

What is going on here?

  • No worries needed - he is really busy and confused. I should wait for him.
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  • I should move on - he´s not into me and is coward to be clear about it
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  • He's full of shit. "Break" or "space" is what a pussy says for breakup. It makes you think he'll want you again at some point in the future which never happens. It also leaves the door open so he can drift in and out of your life and use you for sex from time to time. Dump him and never look back


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