Girls, For what reason would you ask your ex to 'hang out'?

my ex has suggested to me that we 'hang out' sometime. I'm suspicious...


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  • I'd never ask my ex to hang out unless I wanted just to catch up and see how's getting on in life.

    • So you think she just wants to catch up? I haven't spoken to her for a couple of months, so this is a bit out of the blue. Could she want to give things another go?

    • That's the only reason I'd ever contact an ex. I guess you'll find out if you agree to meet with her.

    • It was a bad break up, we tried to be friends but for various reasons, my fault and hers, we just couldn't make it work. Up until a couple of months ago, she would text me trying to talk. Stupidly on a couple of occasions I replied, which meant she would do it more, even though I'd told her to stop and leave me alone. But I'm drawn to her for some reason.

  • No reason

    • So you'd just ask him to hang out then? No ulterior motive?

    • I wouldn't hang out with him

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