Why did he ask so many questions about my ex boyfriend?

I went on a date yesterday with a guy who comes from a Middle Eastern background. I was really into him and thought he was cute. However, I noticed that he asked quite a few questions about my ex boyfriend (s). For example, at one point he asked me “How long have you been single?” I replied “6 months” to which he then said “that’s quite early to be looking to be dating someone new then” I said that I didn’t date the other person for very long (it was only about a month or so of dating).

Another thing he asked me was if I was still in touch with any of my ex boyfriends. I said no, although I did say I had one ex who would send me a happy birthday, merry Christmas or happy New Year message. He said “oh so you haven’t seen him since your breakup?” I said no.

When I told him about one of my other tinder experiences, he waited for me to finish and then said “So did you go on a date with the guy then?” and also “what did you say to him?”
He also asked me what I thought about guys from my own country and later remarked that guys from my country tend to be quite “jealous”

Why did he ask so many questions about my ex?


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What Guys Said 1

  • some guys just like to know things. or he couldn't come up with any good conversations so he just asked questions.

    • Yeah but he could have asked me a lot of other questions but decided to fixate on the ex boyfriend topic haha xD

What Girls Said 1

  • Past history is important, no matter what other people claim. He doesn't want to end up being a rebound relationship for you.


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