Stuffed animal for my boyfriend?

I can't think of anything to buy him for valentines day. So I came up with buying him a stuffed teddy bear? I only get to see him on weekends and we really miss each other. He is the sweet, kind loving but manly guy. I thought to buy him a teddy bear and spray perfume on since he loves the way I smell. Should I? Or what do I get him?


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  • If he likes them then sure. I got my fiancé a little teddy but I'm also getting him a personalised book full of reasons why I love him

    • I don't know if he likes stuffed animals. We never talked about it

    • I'm sure he would like any present you got him 😊

  • Generally they don't really like stuffed animal. Maybe buy a music CD or a video games? Something he like.

    • He doesn't play music videos and I got him a cd for his birthday, which was in January so I don't think a cd again would work

    • Ask him what he would like then or at his friends

  • If he likes it


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