How to tell him I like him or find out how he feels about me?

So I met this guy back in December on a 10 day group trip abroad. We really hit it off the last few days and sat together on both flights home. We really connected and had a lot of fun even though they were really long flights. We watched movies, he taught me how to draw, we talked about our interests. He goes to college in my state so that’s not a problem. The problem is that he is studying abroad this semester. I really really like him and it is so hard not to see him and talk to him as much. We texted for like 2 weeks straight when we got home from the trip. He doesn’t have international texting so we’ve basically been replying on snapchat. It’s hard though because of the time difference I only get 1 or 2 snaps a day from him. But he told me that he rarely uses snapchat and we have a 15 day streak so that’s good lol. I really like him and I think he may like me, but I am not sure. How do I tell him that I like him or ask him how he feels about me?


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  • Look for signs of interest

    • Basically we can just snapchat right now so it's hard to tell. I want to know how he feels or tell him I like him.

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