Girls, Girls should I still approach attractive girls despite not being conventionally attractive?

I can forgive potential girl everything, but she has to be physical attractive for me. I can't look past it. However I am not this guy ;)


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  • Do whatever you want. I had a manager that was 6'2" and weighed 280 and he still preferred to look for skinny girls. Nothing wrong with having a preference just because you may not be perfect yourself. Maybe the girl you will meet might see you as attractive.

  • Everyone should be attractive to their partner, so there's no problem on that being important to you :), also, of course you should! Things that make men attractive: being confident, having good sense of humor, smiling, having a good personality.

    • I don't think all these things matter if someone is ugly, because you don't even give him a chance to show this qualities you mentioned ;)

      I think i would look good, but i am balding and it makes me insecure ;)

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