Dating/relationships - How long would you try to see someone before you realise it's not going to work?

I've been trying to see a girl for the past month (actually she's been trying to see me) but she isn't really my type sexually.

I feel like it's pretty much over because we haven't seen each other in 2 weeks but have consistently talked daily.

Anyway I thought I'd try and see if I'd eventually catch feelings because I hate dating and suck at picking up girls.

I gave it a month and I feel that is more than any girl would give me if she was on the fence (most girls are one date and done) so yeah.
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  • A week
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  • A little over a month
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  • A few months
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  • Bruh, if it ain't gonna work it doesn't matter how much time you give it
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It's pretty much over


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  • If you don't have feelings for someone I would say don't try and force them. It's not fair to either party. Relationships should begin because you feel drawn to the person and attracted to them sexually. Tell the girl you don't like her like that but you'd like to be friends.

    • Yeah, I really liked the attention though and actually being wanted for a change but mostly I just liked what it was doing for her making her actually care about herself and seeing her light up as a person.

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