I want and need to date but I can't date any help is appreciated?

So iam a 21 years old college student soon to be 22, i was less than average looking and average height during highschool and with no intention of dating, but i graduated got much more attractive, lost weight and worked out (average body though but not fat at all) i worked for over two years before getting into college and through those two years i've dated 2 girls and one became my girlfriend but it didn't last long (Few months) .

Of course as a dark haired, cool and laid back 6'2 guy with a fun personality, good style and (according to girls) really good looks i dont seem to have a problem talking to girls or getting their attention but the ones that i truly crush on who seemed as interested in as i am in them are often taken, and the rest i either dont find them attractive or they're slutty which is far from my type.

i've talked to plenty of girls over the past two years but i never got close to having a girlfriend because of different reasons but mainly them having a boyfriend, i feel i should have a girlfriend i want one and it could add a lot to my life plus everyone is dating and i know that soon dating will be harder cause younger girls will be taken, but despite that i really dont seem to find what iam looking for , iam not looking for models just a normal modest and simple girl.


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  • Is this supposed to be a personal ad or something? Go out and socialize and if their it mutual attraction and chemistry with someone then ask them out. That's all you can do, there is no secret recipe.

    • i want to hear from people and where they go or how do they find someone to date usually, as i said its not like there are no girls that like me plenty do but the ones that like me and i feel attracted to them happen to be taken, and tbh it has happened dozens of times and iam not sure anymore.

    • Literally all you can do is socialize with many people to increase your chances that you meet someone who reciprocates your attraction. That is all anyone can do. There is no specific place or time that you will definitely meet a girl to date.

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