I'm 27. I've been with the same girl since I was 16.

We are now divorced and I'm single. What the hell do I do? She was my first girl friend.

I'm 27 with absolutely zero dating experience. I'm in a new city with zero friends and zero confidence. Finding friends or a girlfriend seems damn near impossible.

So how does a guy with no experience and no friends find a girl?


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  • The only advice I can offer you is; Do what makes for a better story.

    If you live by that in your free time then you won't live inhibited and predisposed to saying something will be boring. Live safe or live experiences. Starting conversations with someone new with the goal of learning their most important story will make your life more interesting.

    Jump on any occasion of a social event. Even if it is work, a one night art show, festival, etc, etc.

    Going out you are bound to meet people if your hands aren't in your pocket, nose buried in your smartphone, and back hunched in on itself.

    • That is really one hec of a post. I totally agree with your approach . Where did you get these ideas from ? :-)

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    • For an 18 year old you are really wise. I think with that attitude you have a full exciting life ahead. keep it up!

    • Excellent answer.

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  • Well... don't worry about finding a girl before you worry about finding friends!

    If you're new in town, go find friends! Engage in activities, join clubs or go frequently to the same pub/dinner/cafe. If the city is big, I'm sure that is a bunch of interesing events happening. Participate in something.

    Then when you have friends you won't be a clingy guy. because you have your own life and have fun with your buddies!

    Annd finally, when you have friends they will also have other friends, and you can enlarge your web of aquaintances by meeting them. Maybe then you will find a girl (friend of a friend) or just someone you ocasionally met. But make sure its one YOU LIKE. Not just a girl for the sake of having a girl (and not being lonely).

    hope this helps!


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