She said she had a boyfriend but it seems like she likes me. HELP?

Short story: I feel like we both like each other but she mentioned she had a boyfriend.
Long story:I have a class this semester with this one girl that I like very much. She usually sits close or next to me each class and we talk most of the time if she sits close. Whenever she sits away from me (no assigned seats in the class) I swear I catch her peaking at me but I can't be sure unless I want to stare at her back. Whenever she sits by me we always end up talking after class. I know she wants to talk to me because she always gets up out of her seat before me and she'll be standing in front of my desk waiting for me while still talking. I mention this because if you're having a conversation with someone you don't like and class ends you get up and leave because fuck that dude you need to get to your next course, but no she waits for me. When we start walking to her next class it seems like her talking gets a little stuttery and her talking outside of class is so much more engaging than when we're in class. Like if you heard our conversations while walking to her next class you'd be thinking "these guys are so fucking corny". Our conversation, to me, really sounded like one of those awkward conversations that you have with someone you like and you try really hard not to fuck up. She even has corny goodbyes. I can't remember the goodbyes we've traded but I just know they've been corny, very corny. I'd be asking her out ASAP if I could be here's where my problem arises. Right after a class a couple weeks ago she very subtly inserted into the conversation that she had a boyfriend. She subtly added him to a conversation after class too but hasn't mentioned him again. The thing is that from everything I know about her I'm pretty sure she doesn't even have a boyfriend. Here's my question. Why is it that I think we share a similar connection but she said she had a boyfriend? Could there be a chance she likes me? Also if she doesn't have a boyfriend why would she lie?
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I should have mentioned that the reason I don't think she has a boyfriend is because she has "single" put down on facebook and no recent pictures of any dudes at all. there's always a chance she does have a boyfriend but I really don't think she does.


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  • Okay, to a girl, it sounds like she is interested in getting to know you better. Maybe not as in "like like" with romantic associations but maybe just as a person, she wants to be your friend.
    However, I do know that sometimes a girl will also say that she has a boyfriend for a specific reason. In the way you described, how she ever so subtly hints at her having a boyfriend, she could also be saying it just to make you hurry up and ask her out. Because knowing that she is pursued by others, makes you want to land the deal sooner right? It's almost like catching a really awesome deal at a grocery store. I suggest you subtly hint that you would like to know what her true intentions are and go from there. Best of luck bro.

    • Thank you for the advice!! Do you know a subtle way of hinting at her? I'm a very extroverted guy so asking her out is no problem but I just don't like the thought of failure.

    • Lol nobody likes failures. Reason I said to be subtle is because you don't want to sound like a desperate creep if she does have a boyfriend (the possibility should not be eliminated yet), so you could still spin it off as just a curious question if she comes back to bite you. As for how to be subtle... I'm sure there's loads of more professional articles online if you search it up. I don't want to give you risky advices and ruin this thing for you man.

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  • unless you want to get fucked up by her boyfriend I would stay away

    • Bro but that's the thing. I'm not even positive she has a boyrfriend. He's no where to be found on her facebook and I know not everybody has a facebook but if you have a partner without a facebook you just put down "in a relationship" rather than putting down "single". What could that mean?

    • It could mean she still has a boyfriend. I'm not on Facebook and my girlfriend didn't change her relationship status until like a month after we started dating

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  • If she says she has a boyfriend then distance yourself and recognize she's leading you on.

    • But what if she doesn't have one?

    • Then she obviously wants you to think that because she doesn't want you have any expectations about dating her, so realize she is using you for attention and an ego boost, aka leading you on.

  • She says she has a boyfriend so you should stay away


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