Don't know what's wrong with me, when it comes to women?

Well all the girls I would love to take out, seems to always go for another guy. Well at the same time, I am a little weird at least to my friends. The reason I say that is because I wouldn't want it to happen to me, but don't get me wrong some times I want to do that (especially with this one girl who happens to be engaged, but I know that would be a scumbag move). I have no idea of what I should be doing, because when I do approach a girl it seems like I am always on the getting rejected part. I try to get comfortable with the girl (which for me takes kind of a long time, since I do try to see if she is interested as well. My friend just recently told me that I tend to overthink things). Then when I see them hanging/chilling with another guy I tend to wonder why can't I get to that point, because I am tired of seeing other people in relationships. Well tired of seeing other relationships and not able to get my own. I have never really tried just going up to a random girl or just going up to a girl I might be acquaintances with and saying "Hey how are you doing? I think you're beautiful would like to accompany to get something to eat (or go on a date")? I just figured that would be too direct and not really work. I need some advice on this, because I am tired of being the one that seems to get rejected all the time, while other guys seem to so easily get relationship after relationship or fling after fling, while I am here pondering on what the hell to do. I should also say that I am more of a shyer guy and not to much of a talker (until I get to know you, and even then still kind of on the quiet side).


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  • What do you actually mean by "I am a little weird"? Define that for me please.
    If I were a guy who constantly faces rejection, I'd actually ask men who are better than me for dating advice.
    I imagine that they would know better.

    • I say that I'm weird, because I don't necessarily go after a girl who has a boyfriend or engaged. To some of my friends if they're not married than she's still "fair game." I don't go after girls whom are in a relationship married or not, so they think I'm weird for that.

    • That doesn't make you weird. That makes you ethical.

What Guys Said 1

  • Have you tried online dating? I think you need to just go on more dates so you can get used to doing so. I'm not saying you're running out of time, but by the time someone gets to that 30-35 range, they've usually become a dating expert. So I say you go to Plenty of Fish or OKCupid and create a profile. Cast a wide net and approach women that you don't even find attractive. Then you can go on some dates and get in the swing of things which will help build confidence for when you ask out other women. It'll work, but you need to quit being so passive.


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