Ladies, I need advice on starting a relationship with a crush in my class?

I have a crush on a beautiful girl in my art appreciation class in college. She has the most beautiful eyes I've seen. We made eye contact a few times but Im not sure what she thinks about me. I was planning on talking to her if I ever got the chance and today I had that chance. I was walking towards class and I see her in her car, she sees me and starts walking to class too and Im right behind her at this point. It was the perfect time to introduce myself but I panicked. My heart beat rose and I got really nervous, to top it off I was hungry so I didn't have the balls and I blew it. I consider myself shy but Im still able to talk to girls, but this girl is something else. Im somewhat attractive, Id say on a good day Id be considered an 8. I found her on Facebook and contemplated on adding and contacting her there but I dont want to mess it up. Ladies, what are some great ways to initiate a conversation that could lead to a relationship? And is there a grace period before she loses interest? I feel anxious because I feel like if I dont move fast enough someone else is gonna get her. Guys, feel free to comment also. Thank you all


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  • Approach her and introduce yourself to her. Start talking about anything related to your class. Then proceed on talking about other subjects. It's not that difficult actually. Also, don't start the conversation through facebook. Approach her face to face.


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