What Does It Mean If Guy Squeezes Hand Multiple times?

Like while holding your hand he keeps doing that


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  • I do it to let her know "I'm with her". A form of communication like a kiss. I guess these days it's all good as long as he's not hitting you.

    • He and I aren't dating he's my friend so that's why I wanted to know Why he did that

    • maybe he likes you...

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  • He might just be doing it to get your attention or something.

    My guy lightly squeezes my hand three times, to say "I Love You" like when we're in a grows or at a party, maybe somewhere I think a chick is checking him out. I think it's sweet, reassuring at times!

    • Well that's interesting iPad thinks grows is the same as crowd! For all others (except iPad) in my comment above; grows = crowd

    • Thank You!

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  • doesn't mean anything necessarily. He may like the way your hand feels. Or he may feel an emotional bond with you.