Was this girl a Girlfriend material?

Im not looking for a hookup, im just looking for a girl to have a long term monogamous relation,
Im a fairly rich and good looking guy,
These were her qualities -

* She used to show everyone in class through her wallpaper of mobile phone that she is engaged with a dude, and also she was maybe in a live-in relation with a guy.

* She saw me, and then she started flirting with me, although i was not sure because of all the rumours, and then one day i was talking on phone with my friend, she thought i was talking to another girl , and then she started to flirt like a slut, with every guy of the class. (mostly with my friends)

Was this girl a good girlfriend material? Or I dodged a bullet?
  • You dodged a bullet, She was not a girlfriend material because if she leaves a guy for you, or even if she was casually dating that means she doesn't have the confidence to remain single and she can't go alone, thats a major red flag.
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  • Who knows?, Maybe she was not happy in her relation and then she saw you and she liked you. But the face that, she acted like a slut afterwards and threw herself at every guy, thats some self-esteem issues. Its good you did not took things further with her.
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  • Yeah, she might have been a good girlfriend material because she turned into a slut and threw herself at every guy because she was hurt too much by your actions.
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  • Others (i want to give my own comments)
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  • If she leaves another guy for you, she'll obviously leave you for another guy too


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