Guys, How long should you wait to be asked to be his girlfriend? And is this something that needs to be brought up before?

I've been seeing this guy for about three months now, we are dating exclusively, but are not boyfriend and girlfriend. I have told him that I want to be his girlfriend, he told me that he wants me to be his girlfriend, too. However, while I've met his family (immediate and extended) and a few of his friends, he has only met one of my siblings. The last time we spoke, he said he wanted to ask me but he wanted to wait until he met all of my family. I am always the one going to his house or going out of my way to see him. With that being said, it isn't because he doesn't want to, but I am hesitant about letting him meet my family and come over to the house for the first time...

I am also not 100% comfortable. There are some things that he doesn't know about me that may be deal breakers, and I only think it's fair for him to know. While I want to be his girlfriend, and he says he wants me to be too, I don't want to overwhelm him with my own personal issues that I cannot hide from someone that chooses to be part of my life in that way.

He has been dropping hints about asking me to be his girlfriend soon, but if he doesn't, should I just cut things off permanently? How long should I wait?


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  • arnt you already his girlfriend if you've been seeing each other for 3 months


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