What should I do to such a guy?

I'm keeping in touch with ny ex boyfriend who is a black guy. He still says to me that he loves me, but he doesn't wanna get back together. I keep saying to him that I hope we got back together. When I was in California to study abroad, we dated. Since I got back to my home country, we broke up. The reasons why he doesn't wanna get back together are because he will feel that miss you more if we will get back, it'song distance love. I can't understand his reasons at all. In my opinion if he still loves me, he could make it. - How should I deal with? please teach me American style relationships in that case.


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  • You should give up. He already told you that he doesn't want to get back together. Stop being clingy and move on.

    • But then he still says wait for me..

    • Girl, he doesn't know what he wants... You deserve to be with someone who is certain that he wants to be with you. Not someone who is uncertain.

    • He began to stop talking to me because I said to him that I don't need such a guy. The fact he doesn't know what he wants is good for me or not?

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