Why did he ask if I was busy?

He asked if I was busy. Did he ask to find out what I do when I'm not at church? Did he ask to find out if I'm single? Did he ask because he wants to hang out or date me? He has complimented me before. He has stared when I'm not looking, stared and not looked away until someone said something to me, sometimes can't look me in the eyes when he talks to me, he seems nervous around me. He once said we could gaze into each other's eyes while we sing a duet. Recently he has looked at me with his mouth open when I smile at him. I saw him staring at me out of the corner of my eye (I had walked away but turned to face glass doors and saw him)... and again another time when he was standing behind me but to my right.. he was staring, looked a little red in the face, and had his mouth open. Why did he ask if I was busy? I don't have much experience. Help!


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  • To see if you were free


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