Girl I'm seeing went from messaging me a lot, to not at all yesterday... why?

I've been seeing this girl for a few weeks now. We both really like each other, and text quiet a bit. The last time we talked was two days ago while the Super Bowl was on. I told her the last time I saw her, which was two days before that I was going to have a super busy week shooing cuz I'm in film school. She said she would be able to get some of her assignments done too. My issue is that we message each other so often, that when one person or the other doesn't say a thing for a while it feels very weird. Most of the time I initiate conversation with her, but I wanted to see if she would do it, since she was spending the day at home. We both posted snapshats and read each other's. I feel like I was playing the waiting game. Her sister ended up sending me a few messages which I responded to except for the last and I was thinking she might take a offence to that so I send her a quick message to see if she was awake and still haven't got a response yet. Wondering what to do?


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  • Be patient dear there's nothing you should be worried about


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  • I have a three day rule in these situations. Ifshe does not respond within three days of my last response, she's uninterested.

    • even if you know her for some time... let's say a couple of months? does it apply?

    • @Kolya There is no reason she wouldn't reply at all unless she said she's going to be hyper busy.

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