Do people pretend they didn't get your messages for fun or Just to get a reaction out of you?

I've been texting this guy an we're dating. We're in different states so it's long distance. When I first gave him my number we were texting the whole day. All the way until the very next day. Recently things are getting weird. He claims that he hasn't been receiving my texts. So now I'll send one if he doesn't respond within a hour or so I'll send it again. Then he'll reply. Over the weekend I sent a message, didn't reply so I sent it again. Haven't heard back since Sunday. He hasn't been on Instagram, until this morning I saw he watched my snap. I don't understand I've talked to him he says he's not receiving any messages from me. Then he go watch my snapchat every day!!! An he never text me first anyway. It's just driving me crazy!!! I would like to think. He's mature enough to not be playing games. Like he's not receiving my messages for fun.


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  • You're texting him too much?

    Also, I'm literally that guy. haha! xD I'm trying to get better.

    • I know he's in college. I have no clue if he works to but, he never told me how busy he was. I'd honestly like to know so I have an idea of how often to text him. The only thing I don't get is he still makes time to look at my snap chat an never text me first. I even waited a whole week an didn't text him still nothing.

  • To get a reaction


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