Snapchat and relationships... not sure what to do or what to think?

my boyfriend and i have been dating about 6 months or so... Him and i are pretty open with our past and our daily activities. Last night when i come over to see him, a former friend [ and also someone i was dating in a non serious way/uncommitted way haha] sent me a snap video of his cat. I replied telling him what an ugly cat and how i dont miss him... jokingly. He messages me from time to time. I always keep it friendly and he also knows im in a relationship. I also post videos and pictures on my story with my boyfriend [ so like everyone who follows me knows im with someone]
Anyways, the next day. I am just casually checking my phone. I like to read snapchat events/stories while eating my breakfast... anyways i received a messaged from a close friend and when i went to see my list of convos, I noticed that particular friend was no longer on my list. we exchanged a couple of message last night so he should be there. I fear my boyfriend went through my phone specifically to delete this convo. Not sure how should i address it. Like i said, we are both open. I have no problem with him using my phone but i dont like how he just deleted something without saying anything. Also didn't know you could delete convos in snapchat


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  • I dnt like the idea of giving someone else my password be it boyfriend or not... u should ask him and be honest.. its only way u'd know

    • well I don't have a problem with sharing my password with close friends/family or my boyfriend. I don't have anything to hide but making changes or modifications on an object that is not yours , i don't like that... I would ask him but im afraid of how this will unfold. Will it cause issues in our relationship?

    • If u have nothing to hide and u know u've done nothing wrong.. it's always better to ask than to keep it inside.. and if it causes issues then it was meant to happen sooner or later... just ask him if he did it? and why? And whatever the reason just accept it.. and kindly ask him not to modify anything before telling u first..

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