Why does he want to spend so much time with me?

I have just been on a ninth date with a guy I met on a Christian dating site. We met up at 1pm and I didn't get home until 11pm! We had a great time- had lunch, went to some Museums and hung out. We laughed and had really good chat. I really felt like we had a connection. He is a shy guy - but he seemed to laugh at my jokes and found everything I said funny.

Anyway he walked me back to my friends house where I was staying and we hugged. It seemed awkward so I said "Well, until next time".

I'm so confused. Does he want to date me or not? He was the one on the date that kept saying "want to go for dinner... want to go to the cinema"

Why did we spend so long together, for 10 hours?


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  • Because he likes you, that's why.


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