How should I handle this? Really need help anyone?

I liked this girl, and I thought she liked me. She approached me, initiated contact, good morning and goodnight texts, so on so forth. Texted all the time, and eventually went on a date, then another, then another, 2-3 times a week. Sent me hearts, got... close, and it felt like things were moving along (1 and a half months). Bought her a stuffed animal, candy, got her breakfast and so on, did anything I could to try and put a smile on her face. Listened to her, helped her through rough times, I liked and cared about her, and she said: "You're my boyfriend basically".

Until, we go out for breakfast again, and out of nowhere she tells me she's been talking to another guy, I was confused and shocked. She went on, started talking to him and said "I guess I just see you as my best friend"... heart sank. Week ago she said I was her "boyfriend", now her best friend, and she moved onto another guy like the snap of a finger. Now she always messages me, talks about him, and brings up being with him. I want just outright to block her, and I think I am, I don't even know how to feel on this. What do I do?


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  • Tell her the truth. Girls like when guys are straightforward with your issue.


What Guys Said 2

  • Either a) completely take your emotions out of the equation and be ok with being just friends indefinitely, or,
    b) Block her because she led you on, led you to believe you're "basically her boyfriend" and then ditched you for another guy.

  • Tell her the truth. She obviously likes you a lot so would be flattered. She might then see you as a boyfriend, or just a very good friend. She won't be upset that you told her.


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