Did I get rejected?

So I met this girl at a dinner party among friends and she sat to my right and kept the conversation going all night without me having to really put out much effort on my end to talk to her. She suggested we become Facebook friends later that evening and I happily obliged. She kept asking me questions all night and I usually take that as a sign of interest. As usually if they didn't like me they wouldn't be so enthusiastic about talking to me.

I than proceeded to ask her out on Facebook two days later.

My Message to her on Facebook:
Hey! It was fun hanging with you on Sunday I was wondering if I could ask you out for some coffee or tea sometime this week

Her Reply:
Hey it was nice meeting you. I'm pretty busy this week so I won't be able to. Hope to see you next time at another hangout with Jackson and crew

Mostly I'm looking at this like I got rejected but I wanna see what everyone thinks.

Any advise or thoughts would be helpful.


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