If something was upsetting your girlfriend involving your ex would you want her to tell you?

my boyfriend still has one of his bitch ex's names in his password and it upsets me that I never have but she has... I'm debating on finally telling him that it upsets me but I don't know if it be better to continue to keep it to myself... if I make him feel bad or guilty it'll make me feel bad but it's really beginning to upset me and if I do tell him how should I? I'm thinking like somehow I can never stay mad or upset with u or asking him if he'd want me to tell him if something was upsetting me or bugging me... or something like that


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  • so he has her name as a password for something?

    • yes for his phone

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    • I'm the type of girl that gets jealous EXTREMELY easily and like I said I've never had my name in his password

    • ok then just tell him? it's kinda a petty thing to b upset about

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