Girls, Do you think she likes me or is only joking around?

So me and my friend, who I have known for years but just recently began to grow close to, have been talking a lot just in general one on one, just because we like hanging out. We've joked before about how everyone thinks we're dating because we just started hanging out all the time. We were texting and I told her about how these people thought we were dating and I said that honestly it makes sense that they would think we are. She followed up with this ---'Hahah I wanted to say "but we kind of are" because we really seem like 😂'--- I don't know if I would date her or not but do you think this is something she would say since we've joked about it before? Or is she hinting at something? We've joked before but i thought this might be odd. I also may be overthinking this for some reason and just being stupid so I apologize if so, lol. Thanks in advance
Not sure if anyone would care at this point, we've been dating now for four months and everything is perfect. Absolutely perfect ☺️


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  • think these days there's so much talk about the friendzone that if she thought you were trying to crawl out of it and didn't want you to she'd knock you right back. Either she likes you or she doesn't consider you liking her as a possibility. Sometimes girls joke like this with their female friends and could just be that you're that close that the fact that you're a guy doesn't matter. I'd leave it for now or you might atart looking i to things and seing thi gs that aren't there. you don't want to delve too deep into it and make it awkwars over nothing if she doesn't have feelings for you, especially when you don't know bow you feel either.


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  • she sounds like she likes you too. if a girl didn't like you they wouldn't say something like that. you aren't overthinking. i think she's hinting something too


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