Need Advice on how to ask him to be my date?

We are both seniors in post-secondary education. We are currently in a long distance relationship about 1.5 hours away. & Dating for 9 months
My graduation dinner dance is coming up in April and I would really appreciate it if he was able to take time out of his busy life to support me and be my date. It's a dinner, a dance and awards and I'm nominated in 3 categories. Only problem is that it is a Thursday Night... :( I mentioned it before and he said he would definitely do his best to come home for the weekend to go with me but now that it's a Thursday I don't know if it's possible because he still has classes.
All my friends will have their significant others there and it will be sad to be solo. But I also know if I dont go then I'll regret not going.

How should i bring this up to him? I don't want to sound to needy but I just want him to know the date and that I'd really appreciate it if he could make it.

Thanks in advance


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What Guys Said 1

  • Just tell him that it's now on a Thursday and not the weekend and that you'd love it if he could make it

    • Sorry ii meant should i text him or tell him next time we talk on the phone

    • phone, would be easier not to sound needy and hearing your voice may make him more inclined to try and go

What Girls Said 1

  • You won't sound needy if you merely talk to him about the event. Feel free to ask him again. You are in a relationship with him, you should feel free to talk to him about anything.


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