Is it normal to feel guilty if you're talking to a couple girls at the same time?

Maybe I'm just a sensitive guy, but I've been talking to 3 different girls and I met them on Tinder, I've been hooking up with one, and I go on dates with the others but we haven't done anything sexual... we are casually dating but I'm starting to feel bad because I put myself in their shoes and imagine how I would feel. Maybe I'm more mature than I used to be? Or maybe for a long time I've just felt like I haven't been wanted, or the leftover trash that women seem to walk carelessly by... I don't know


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  • If you have been clear and upfront about the fact you're dating multiple people, then they know the situation for what it is. If however, you haven't informed all 3 about the others, well that's why you feel guilty, because it's shady as shit.


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