Is it reasonable for attractive girls to say, "I want guys to leave me alone"?

It's perfectly normal for a guy to want to talk to an attractive girl, and if weren't that way, the human race wouldn't exist. So even though they have the right to do it, don't you think it's unreasonable for an attractive girl to say they want guys to leave them alone?

This is based off an attractive girls facebook post that she wants men to leave her alone because they can just talk to other girls. It had nothing to do with me, but I was interested in her post and wanted to see who else thinks it's not very reasonable.


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  • No. At some point in my life, I have said the exact same thing. I don't even consider myself that attractive. I am alright, but I'd rather be approached for stuff that have nothing to do with how my face or my body looks.

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    • I totally understand wanting to be appreciated for who you are on the inside. However, what you look like physically is also representative of who you are. Granted, it is a shallow image of you, but it is still the vessel that represents your identity. For example, my haircut/light beard that is well shaped show that I like to look well groomed. My acne scars show that I haven't been through a walk in the park, and my body size shows that I take care of myself to a certain degree. How I dress also reflects my inner self. So I don't believe there is anything wrong with a guy initially approaching you because he likes your looks, and then getting to know you over time. Unfortunately, I believe that when a guy approaches a girl because of her looks, the girl then assumes that the guy is not interested in learning more about the girl's personality by getting with her. I guess because of a lot of guy's sexuality/women's misconceptions, a lot of well-meaning guys are shit out of luck.

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  • Factor in this "attractive" girl has constant low test betas wanting to "talk" to her every single day and constant messages. You would be annoyed too if you were constantly being harassed by people you don't find attractive.

    • But that's how it works. Men try to talk to a bunch of girls hoping they land a good one, and girls get approached by a bunch of guys hoping they land a good one. If anything, the men have a harder time because they have to go out and try talking to these girls whereas the girls just have to swift through the approachers.

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    • It is a fact. Become friend with an attractive guy and open your eyes to how many women approach him. Hell, set up a fake profile with an attractive guys and see how many girls message you.

      If a girl likes you she will approach..

    • I don't know where you live, but here in North Carolina, in the USA, women don't really approach men.

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  • No... not unreasonable at all. From your description you think girls have an obligation to respond for the sake of reproduction.

    God help any girls you talk to.

    • No I don't believe they have an obligation to respond. I'm just saying that on the planet we live on, approach from guys is inevitable, and if it weren't there you wouldn't have even been able to comment on this video. So how is it reasonable to complain about an inevitable and necessary fact of life?

  • Ya. Ugly girls are annoying too.


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