A guy told me he likes me, but ever since then he hasn't texted me back. What does this mean?

On Monday a guy told me he liked me and he asked me if I liked him. and said I couldn't say yes but I couldn't say no because I didn't know him very well. so that same day I got to know him a bit. So on Tuesday was our last day of school and he was in my last class and he texted me and we texted for a little bit. Ever since then he hasn't texted me.. did I do something wrong. or what does this mean I am really confused?


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  • Well if I asked a girl whether she liked me and she answered with that, I wouldn't know what to do either. Well, actually I'd ask her out immediately to find out but he didn't. If you want to hang out with him, call him and make a date.

    • I understand, but I texted him on tuesday and I never got a response. does this mean he has lost interest in me?

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    • Thank you so much. you have helped me a lo!t this is the best answer

    • Thanks!

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